New Weird Difficult Quiz

This quiz is by Josh and Ibraheem. Like our previous puzzle, the first question is weird. The second question is weird. The third question is weird. And ofcourse, i can also conclude, that any other questions you may find are weird.

First Question:
How many sharks are there in the river ribble?

Second question:
How long will it take for Mr.Cox to work out our previous puzzle(if he ever does get it all right)?

Third Question:
How tall am i, if i was 55km at 6 years ago. 54cm 6.4 years ago. And 167m 2 years ago?

Ninety-eighth question:
What is the volume of a year 8 student from 8S add the mass of a teacher, who teaches maths, plus a teacher that teaches history? (there is an logical answer)

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