Top 6 Reasons To Never Grow Up And Go To Secondary School:

  1. Expanding Brackets
  2. Factorising Brackets
  3. Linear Equations
  4. Algebraic Fractions
  5. Proportion
  6. Love. And homework. But mostly love.

in which we shall learn the subtle art of timesing the stuff in the brackets by the thingie outside the brackets.
7(2x+3) - 3(x+4x)

Let's look at the first part. (2x+3) is 'the bit in the brackets', hence the brackets. Makes sense, really. 7 is the bit just before the brackets, so everything in the brackets next to it gets multiplied (the thing with the times and the by and oh, the multiplication!) by seven. Therefore we have 2x, which becomes 14x, and 3, which becomes 21, giving you 14x+21, with not brackets - because you've just multiplied the brackets away. Away, I tell you, away!

So now we have 14x + 21 - 3(x+4x)

The - before the 3 means everything in the bracket after it is multiplied by negative 3, rather than positive 3. So we have -3x and -12x.

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