Algebra For Dummies

-The word algebra is of Arabic Origin
-Algebra is a branch of mathematics where symbols or letters are used to represent number and quantity

Simple Algebra (1);;

a + 4=10

To work this out, you first get the value a on its own by taking the value for from both sides. This makes the value of four on the left side of the equation 0;


Simple Algebra (2);;

2a - 6= 32

To work this one out, where the value a is multiplied by the two, you first have to add 6 to either side;


To get a on its own, you have to DIVIDE either side by 2;


Simple Algebra (3);;

7a-8= 2a+2

Now then. To transform you from number novices to mathematic mediums, you shall learn how to do equations such as the above. We begin by taking the a values to one side by taking 2a from either side;


We then have a simpler, easier equation to deal with. We need to, once again, get the a value on its own, so we must add 8 to either side;


Finally, divide either side by 5;



  1. Get the a value on its own so the equation is easier to resolve
  2. If the a value has a number infront of it, for example, 2a, when you are at the final stage, DIVIDE each side by 2 to get the simplest answer
  3. When getting the a value on its own, you MUST either SUBTRACT or ADD the accompanying number to the other side. This way, the answer wont be different because we are keeping the same values
  4. CHECK your answer by substituing the value a with the answer you had conducted. If it is correct, the answer in the original question should be the same.

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